Tanmoy Samanta, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Economics

My Story

A child, though not born with a golden spoon in his mouth, but highly lucky to be born of a father who happened to be a renowned Professor of Economics since the early fifties of the last century, ultimately proved to be a chip off the old block. Having been groomed personally by a Professor of Economics from his early life, the boy could easily establish himself as a Professor of Economics after doing B.A. Hons. in Economics, M.A. with specialization in Statistics and Econometrics & thereafter Ph.D. on Health Care and State of Health: An Analytical Study with Special Reference to Tamluk Sub-Division of Midnapore District and has been dominating as a Professor of Economics in different institutions of repute like Tamralipta Mahavidyalaya (14 Years), Haldia Govt. College (1 Year), Haldia Institute of Technology (2 Years), Panskura Banamali College (3 Years) during the last two decades. Having had a solid foundation in Economics, he never suffered from any complacency and forged ahead with newer & newer publications in National & International Journals on topics like Economics of Health, Economics of Education, Agricultural Economics, Economic Inequality as frequently as possible, let alone presenting Papers in National level Seminars & Conferences.  In addition to numerous papers, he has also authored Health Care and State of Health: An Empirical Study, Palmview Publisher, ISBN: 978-819-4-35135-1 & Research Methodology: Theory and Application, IIPARS in association with Palmview Publisher.

My Vision & Mission

Needless to say, Economics has been my passion, rather my first love since my early life. But when I started my career as a Professor of Economics some fifteen years back, I saw a very dismal scenario all around, as Economics, despite being a valuable multi-dimensional & multi-faceted subject, is being found to fail to attract students at least in the colleges of rural Bengal. Naturally, being an ardent student of Economics, I took an oath inwardly to spread the Economics-fraternity around me and to help them (students & lovers of Economics) in every possible way to occupy a comfortable & prestigious berth in their career. Having realized it fully that all students are not that lucky as I was, this vision of mine has inspired me to launch this website and to draw the attention of the present generation of this fraternity to the technicalities as to how they could equip themselves properly for professor-ship.

Message to students

Young learners of present times! I make an earnest appeal to you to proceed with “heart within and God above”. I shall be all along by your side with ready-made materials made available for you in these websites of mine.